Moments of Joy Jewels to commemorate life’s most important moments VIEW ENGAGEMENT RINGS "An Undiscovered Gem" By the The Spanish Arch in the heart of old Galway VIEW THE CATALOGUE "Objects of Beauty" Vivacious passion and a discerning eye for the unique;
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Engagement Rings

We understand the significance of this moment in your lives and will guide and advise you in selecting the perfect engagement ring.

This is our favourite part of the job and we love it!

Antique Jewellery

"Objects of Beauty" as Phyllis refers to her carefully selected antique jewellery pieces, each unique, each with a history and character all its own - mementos of life’s most joyous moments.

A shop unlike others..

Read about Cobwebs and its founder Phyllis' unique journey

Finding Cobwebs

Hint: we're in the heart of old Galway!